Bobby H. –

Best optical experience I’ve ever had. Awesome staff and a beautiful office…

Johanna F… –

Unbelievable Professional and Friendly atmosphere. Everyone is very helpful and patient, especially when helping you pick out just the right pair of glasses and the selection is huge. I love this place and will definitely recommend it to everyone.

George H… –

My experience with eye designs vision was nothing short of exceptional! the facility was very clean the stall is well educated,courteous,helpful and professional. the doctors are attentive,direct,caring and have a pleasent and positive demeaner.

Sharon S… –

Absolutely the best eye appointment I’ve ever had! Unless I move or they do will never go anywhere else! Very professional yet very personable.I certainly would recommend these two young Doctors!

I have never been more Thankful…… –

Dear Dr. Melcher,

Thank You So Much for being such a Outstanding and Thorough Optometrist!!!! You truly changed my potential and perspective in life forever! Little did I know that when fate brought me to Eye Designs my life path would be altered in an unfathomable way from just a simple eye exam done by the Just The Right Dr.

Here is a little of my story that you were unaware of before I came to Eye Designs. I started my second round of College and once again I was presented with the same disturbing problem I had my whole life. I just couldn’t read, comprehend and retain like other people and never could understood why.

Struggling with this torment I scheduled and eye exam thinking my eyes might be bad now. Only to find out once again after the eye exam that I my vision was still 20/20 and I found myself frustrated, because it seemed there was no hope, and no answers to why my eyes had this huge distortion problem that was paralyzing me to be able to read. But THEN…….Simply Put…… You Took One small, Extra, Unforgettable step no one else had done before. You CARED a little more to asked me a few more questions of concern about this problem of distortion that no one else seemed to think was legitimate…… leading to this profound life changing event for me.

After just a few minutes, and you doing some minor adjustments with my eyes, I was somehow able to Read with Ease!!!! It seemed like a MIRACLE! You explained how my  vision was not the root of the problem and that my eyes were just straining to hard to  focus. I wasn’t able to comprehend what I was reading because of the enormous stress on my eyes. You said the adjustment you made was very small, but allowed my eyes to relax enough to naturally focus on the foreground enabling me to read, comprehend, and focus on a new paramount scale.

You didnt know before hand that all my life it seemed like I had to work 3 times as hard in school just to get C’s. I am excited to tell you that I am VERY THANKFUL to be able to get A’s effortlessly NOW, as I realize that my true potential has always been untapped and I am NOT stupid after all. 😛 Meaning my academic future would have been undiscovered my whole life, if you wouldn’t have found out that my eyes were getting exhausted by straining and compensating to try and read. In 15 minutes you figured out what was wrong. Something that No One else could figure out in 15 years!!!!!

After this simple eye exam done by YOU; I can say I went from thinking that college was Impossible and Unimaginable to being confidence enough to say I know I could get a Triple PhD if I choose too today.

Thank you doesnt seem like enough….so I pray that God may Bless your Practice and your Families and a result of your diligence and integrity that you devote to your patients. It use to be just to difficult to be worth it to read…….but I went from Avoiding Reading At All Cost!!!!! To Now Growing Daily by reading 10-15 articles a day, 50+ pages from a book, and overall just thousands of words effortlessly!!!!!!

Thank you again!!!!!

Judith Z… –

If you love great service from beginning to end, this is the place to have your eyes examined. And a Great selection of eyeglass frames, and designer frames too. Dr. Victoria is very thorough. If they are not in your area it is worth the trip.

Your eyes are the MOST important thing you have. Don’t trust them to just anyone…

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