For patients interested in contact lenses a complete eye examination is first performed. In addition, we will take measurements in order to fit the correct lenses to your eyes. Once this is done we will instruct you how to insert and remove the contact lenses and provide a trial pair of contacts as well as contact lens solution and a case. Next there is a trial period of 1 – 2 weeks where you wear the contact lenses to determine if they are comfortable and the vision is good. Then a follow up visit is scheduled to make sure that the contact lenses are fitting properly and that the vision is good.

Once this process is complete a valid contact lens prescription is finalized so you can purchase contacts for up to one year.

Why do contact lens exams need to be performed yearly?

Many contact lens wearers successfully wear contact lenses and just want to order more contacts without getting a contact lens exam. The reason for the exam is to check general eye health but also to make sure that the contact lenses are still fitting the eyes properly. Eyes change and so do how the contact lenses fit. It is important that the contact lenses are providing enough oxygen to the eye because a tight lens can cause damage. In addition we check to make sure that any prescription changes are applied to the contact lenses so that visual acuity is optimal.